367 persons shopped for clothing, shoes, coats, linens, and other items. A large selection of produce was donated under our “Share the Harvest” program with Geyers UM Church and our own gardeners – corn, peppers, potatoes, green & yellow beans, beets, squash, tomatoes.

By way of Geyers UM Church, we received 200 hot dogs and hot dog rolls, plus Italian bread and rolls from the Food Bank. God gave us a beautiful day and bountiful offering for our shoppers for which we and they were grateful.

Some numbers to think about:  We began sorting clothing July 10-August 2, 11 days, 5 ½ hours a day, for a total of 55 1/2 hours. During that month, 24 members, men and women from Geyers and Royalton UM Churches (some came in once, some more often, and some every day) worked to get our clothing ready for August 5.In addition, on August 5, we had 36 volunteers staffing the different areas.

Leftover clothing and other items were distributed to the new Community Aid store on Lewis Road in Harrisburg, Purple Heart,(an organization which helps veterans and their families), Morningstar Pregnancy Services, Wesley’s Threads of Hope Ministry, and the Middletown Interfaith Thrift Store.

A total of $195.00 was received toward expenses – $20 found in a purse which was donated, and $175 from the basket contributions. It was much appreciated; it covered most of our expenses. Thanks so much to all of you.

You can be proud of God’s Clothes Closet and feel blessed to have been part of such an undertaking. So, lest I miss someone, a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who in any way contributed time and effort to this ministry.