Church Council Members

John Burkholder, Chairperson/Lay Leader/UMM President Julie Kupp, UMW President
June Martin, Recording Secretary Kim Schlicher, Director of Christian Education
Michael Hahn, Lay Member of Annual Conference Louise Morgan, Senior Fellowship Representative
Sue Neiman, Alternate Lay Memeber of Annual Conference Mary Woods, Missions and Outreach Chairperson
Joe Hile, Staff-Parish Relations Chairperson Kathy Frisbie, Share and Care Chairperson
Irv Strohecker, Finance Chairperson Shirley Kupp, Worship Chairperson
Steve Moyer, Board of Trustees Chairperson Sue Neiman, Historian
Donna Keller, Church Treasurer Suzanne Rowe, Historian
Lori Keller, Assistant Church Treasurer