September – October 2018 Newsletter: “The Messenger”

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From the Pastor’s Pen

Our souls are like the wheels on a car. When they hit potholes on the road of life, they get out of alignment. Then the journey becomes rougher due to the tremors of fear, worry, and a sense of a loss of control. We are bombarded with constant negative news. Life, as we once experienced it, is changing rapidly. These and similar factors cause our souls to become troubled because they are off-centered, no longer fixed on God’s grace and strength.

An effective way to realign our souls is to take time to join others 10:15 a.m. Sunday mornings to worship God. We sing songs of faith, confess our need for God’s grace, hear the Bible read, listen to the message, and take up a collection to fund God’s work. God’s forgiveness, comfort, and vision align our souls. We depart, better able to cope with the jolts of life. It’s like the Psalmist wrote, I was glad when they said to me, “Let’s go to the house of the Lord!” (122:1).

THANK YOU for your many expressions of concern following my surgery on July 12 and for my wife, Debby, as care-giver. Your prayers, cards, food, flowers, and phone calls encouraged me as I recovered. Many thanks to the guest speakers – Revs. Dan Gilbert (July 15), Johnny Bature (July 22), and Cliff Flick (July 29); to the worship leaders – John Burkholder, Mary Woods, and Michael Hahn; to the church staff and others who gave extra time and effort working behind the scenes, including those who mowed the parsonage lawn; and to Rev. Stevan Atanasoff of Geyers Church who provided back-up pastoral care.

God has deeply blessed me with a loving, caring, and gifted congregation. With gratitude,

 Pastor Lee Ellenberger